3 steps to get your confidence back

You've lost self-confidence and self-esteem ? Here is how to get it back...

Do you have doubts ? Have you been plateauing for too long ? Have you lost your self-confidence and self-esteem ? Do you feel like you've lost your assets? 

I'd like to talk to you about a very important subject: those phases when we lose confidence in ourselves (and sometimes in the world).

After a failure, when performance drops, when we doubt ourselves, when we feel we've "lost our talent", when we feel stuck at a glass ceiling for too long, when we feel too different or not adapted to a society that disappoints us...

How do you get out of it?

Last year, I had lost a lot of self-confidence after my health issues, which led to a snowball effect of low self-esteem, low confidence and the arrival of fears... 

On year after, I'm back into the game with a brand new "me" and new achievements !

So I'm sharing how to get out of self-doubt and get back on track! (No theory, we're talking about real-life experience here!) :

You are not your performance or your results!

What counts is not the resources you have, but being your ressourful in terms of mindset, discipline, creativity, desire, clarity... Ups and downs are normal, even in progress, the trick is not to stay at the bottom...

The best way to regain confidence is to keep going! Everyone gives up in the lows, but those who succeed are those who continue their practice in a regular and determined way.

I've learned this in sport: no matter what the performance, you come back to training and keep working...

But :

Don't stay alone!

Continuing to practice is important, but sometimes you need new perspective and experienced feedback to keep your efforts on track.

That's all there is to it: keep going, create small victories, and gradually regain confidence in yourself, your body and your abilities!

Your little flame🔥 is always there, it just sometimes needs a little boost!

Confidence is built in movement :)

Sending you love and encouragement!