5 time wasting habits to stop wasting your time

Stop working so hard ! Here is how to get your productivity back !

Here's what wastes your time and creates chaos by exhausting you in the wrong direction…

The most frequently asked question is:

"How do we know if we're on the right track? Are our efforts, investments, actions and all that time + energy being directed in the right direction?

Especially when we have a tendency to get distracted, throwing ourselves into lots of things and finding it hard to start and/or finish without getting bored…

Your time is precious; it's the only resource you won't get back once it's used up…

What's important is to make the most of this time, to spend it on what matters, and therefore to work smart while cultivating joy and fulfillment (it's important not to fall into the trap of "must", forgetting fun and meaning in the process of expansion).

⌛The 5 biggest time wasters and generators of chaos in your progress/productivité :

Wanting to be productive at all costs without respecting your rhythm:

In this age of "hustle culture" pressure with the fashion for multimillionaire morning routines where we spend 8H chaining meditations, cold showers, visualizations, journalling… Instead of actually doing the work…

We lose sight of a key concept:

We're all different, and it's essential to respect our own rhythm !

Create your ideal routine and discipline, of course, but above all, respect the way you work! That way, you'll get there more smoothly…

This summer, I had a lot of customers in consulting, and at certain conferences, with whom we adapted their organization to their rhythm (daily cycle and operating mode) so that it worked!

Understand how you work, your energy peaks and troughs, your natural cycles, and surf them!

2H of work at your peak will be more productive than 4H in your "down".

Organize yourself according to your profile, don't try to fit into an organizational mold.

Time is important but your state (energy) determines the quality of its use.

You focus on: adding and doing more; not on: removing, doing less and simplifying!

The first reflex is "what am I missing to go faster?"

In most cases, the right question is:

"What do I need to stop, remove, withdraw… to make room and focus on the essentials?"

Your time is limited, so the key is to choose your priorities!

Start by lightening, simplifying, removing… To refocus on what's essential!

Distraction and interruptions

As you know, the hardest part is getting started!

The trouble is, once you've put a lot of energy into getting started, all it takes is one notification, one call, one distraction… To have to do all that warming up again!

You can save hours a day with this concept:

Set yourself mini-sprints of work without notifications (airplane mode or do not disturb) or distractions.

Train yourself to concentrate for longer periods, and you'll save yourself an incredible amount of time!

I also recommend grouping similar tasks together (time-blocks) to avoid dispersal on small scales.

You are not working on the right tasks

Hard work is good… But working hard on things that don't allow you to "grow" is not sustainable in the long term.

Once you've got your head in the game, you can quickly find yourself getting bogged down in repetitive tasks that aren't necessarily relevant, staying on tasks that don't exploit or develop your talents… Or simply not doing the right things at the right time.

Take a step back, ask the right people for advice to get your head out of the game and restructure your efforts.

There's nothing worse than waking up several months… years… and realizing that you've just wasted your time rushing headlong into things…

Too much improvisation, just-in-time and in a hurry

Do you spend your time reacting?Are you driven by stress and urgency?Do you improvise every day?

It may work in small doses, but it's exhausting after a while.

You're not proactive…

Time to pause and pace yourself between creativity, planning, execution, feedback, recovery… and loop again!

Take this time to observe and plan before you execute. It frees you from stress and enables you to anticipate better, while unfolding a more coherent plan!

  1. Respect your rhythms

  2. Streamline, simplify

  3. Stay focused

  4. Work smart, not just hard

  5. Plan ahead!

You'll feel better and save time :)