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  • 7 best sales and marketing lessons to apply to boost your business if your are introvert

7 best sales and marketing lessons to apply to boost your business if your are introvert

The 7 best sales and marketing lessons I've learned the last 15 years as an introvert entrepreneur

Here's what I've learned after more than 15 years working on myself, a decade of full-time entrepreneurship and having generated millions of euros in live and online sales, coached entrepreneurs/leaders and managed teams :

Earning people's trust isn't a matter of extrovert or introvert, it's about long-term relationships, and introverts have this ability to create strong bonds (quality vs. quantity)!

There are lots of ways to do marketing, you just have to find the strategy that makes the most of your strengths, in line with what you're offering and your target audience (your customers).

Awareness and reputation are more important than pure visibility, buzz and the number of followers. It doesn't matter how many people you attract, what counts is the relationship of trust you create with them on the long terme game.

Selling is above all about psychology, it's something you can learn, and you can quickly become very good at it with practice and the right methods.

To sell and market well: the qualities of listening, observation and empathy are key, which is an advantage for introverts who make good leaders.

The problem isn't being introverted, in most cases it's a lack of information, skills and the fact of not following principles and processes (we're not going to reinvent the wheel, but we can lead in our own way).

We shine when we are ourselves, when we take responsibility and are enthusiastic, and the result follows!

I've decided to share with you all these years of experience so that you have the attitude, the tools, the strategies and the weapons to emancipate yourself and succeed in the game of entrepreneurship as an introvert!

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