Falling down, getting up and rising up : 5 lessons from the past 12 months

From end of summer 2022 to and of summer 2023

✨5 Big lessons from the past 12 months…

💔End of summer 2022:

  • A chain of health issues

  • Anxiety and fear of losing

  • Loss of joy and weariness

  • Total fog over decisions to be made

  • Disappointment when plans fall through and loss of confidence

❤️End in summer 2023:

  • Health restored

  • A new book published

  • Conference tour completed

  • Enthusiasm and joy through new projects

  • Pride in accomplishments and a clear vision!

⭐️ Here are the 5 big lessons I've learned, especially when it comes falling down and getting up :

Not everything that happens to us is our fault, but the answer is our responsibility. I decided to take it all in as an experiment and with curiosity.

It's important to ask for help. I tend to want to do everything myself, but I've come to understand the importance of those around me in the most difficult moments.

There will always be ups and downs, plans won't go according to plan… The main thing is to keep moving and maintain a pace that respects our physical and mental health.

It's okay sometimes to have trouble projecting ourselves, in which case let's connect to our value system. Our internal compass is not only linked to a vision of the future or an ambition, but also and above all to what keeps us anchored: our values and what is valuable in the moment.

Trust your intuition and be patient. Over the last 12 months, I've followed my plan, my ideas, my desires, with courage and discipline (when everything was telling me to give up and give in to fear) and it's always paid off sooner or later.

Bonus: Be careful what you sow. Every intention, act and decision can have an impact that you won't realize until months or years later (in both directions) ;)