How to set your goals and succeed after Automnal Equinox

How to plan and set your year-end goals during this Autumnal Equinox…

How to plan and set your year-end goals during this Autumnal Equinox…

Make the most of the autumn equinox to end the year on a high note :)

Autumn is my favorite season, and the one when I score my best results every time and feel my best…

It's hard to explain, but it's a cyclical feeling!

Every equinox, I retire and plan for the end of the year, the last quarter… Here are my advices !

🔋Recharge your energy after summer:

This autumn equinox of 2023 is rather special. It marks the end of a big rush in which I've taken on one big project after another, including a speaking tour in …France and Belgium

So I took the time to rest in the mountains to recharge my batteries, between hot baths in thermal waters, nature hikes and introspection to already appreciate achievements and take care of my body and mind (I've learned the lessons of 2022).

Just take the time to sit back, appreciate and make room.

🔭 Setting year-end intentions:

I ask myself 3 questions:

  • 3 months to go… What do I want to be proud of at the end of this year 2023?

  • What do I still need to accomplish to bring this year to a close?

  • What do I want to continue sowing for the following year?

🧹 Cleaning the house!

During my Talk Tour, I talked about the importance of keeping things simple and light!

Autumn is the time to do the big sorting and cleaning. What's more, I create a lot in spring, harvest in summer and lighten up in autumn… So :

What to stop? What to remove?

And it's also a time to make room… to make room: at home, in projects and in business!

🎯Last-quarter goals:

Ideas are clear, energy is high, space is made, all that's left is to set two types of goals:

  • The action plan to achieve the desired results.

  • The habits and processes to be put in place (recurrence).

And all that's left to do is follow through!

Move forward, stay in motion and follow your flow!