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  • I've tried over 250 apps and tools to improve my productivity, here are my must-haves :

I've tried over 250 apps and tools to improve my productivity, here are my must-haves :

The best productivity apps and tools I use everyday

I've tried over 250 applications and tools to improve my productivity at work. If I had to choose one in each category, here are my must-haves :

Project management, planning and scheduling :

Asana : for project and process management, especially in teams.

Notion : I like Notion, but I've come to use it just for me and not for collaboration.

Teuxdeux : I don't like Todo Lists, this tool has revolutionized the way we manage them.

Google Agenda : An indispensable tool for organizing my days.

Agenda Muji : For those who prefer paper, I love Muji's minimalist stationery.

Habits and routines :

Daylio : Track daily moods, routines and habits.

Day One Journal : Ideal for keeping track of your Journalling routine, with the ability to synchronize with a host of other tools, documents, photos… (I import my notes from my Remarkable).

Forest : My favorite timer for applying the Pomodoro method.

Health, sleep and sport :

Oura Ring : a ring to rule them all to track your sleep, keep accurate statistics and give you personalized advice.

Endel : Great app with music for sleeping, working, focus, reading and more. The best I know! It can even synchronize with your heart rate if you have the Apple Watch.

Apple Health : I was using external apps before but Apple Health has evoked well and done the job.

Content Creation

As a content creator (writing, video, podcasts, networks…) a good workflow is essential:

Apple Note et Evernote : Most of my notes are taken on it, Evernote serves as my archive.

Ulysse : My favorite writing application since I was a student. I wrote my thesis with it, then all my books since 2011!

Sony ZV-1 : My main camera with which I now shoot most of my videos.

Microphone Shure MV 7X et/ou SM7B : Small and big versions of what I consider the best microphone on the market for content creators.

Micro-cravate Sony ICD TX : A dictaphone transformed into a lapel microphone that I've been using since 2017 and can't get rid of!

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