How to achieve more by doing less ?

Stop exhausting yourself for nothing... 

Stop exhausting yourself for nothing... 

Hurrying and moving fast is useless if it's in the wrong direction... Or all directions at once! 

If you're asking yourself "What am I not doing this enough?" 

"What am I missing?"

You're going to destroy your mind even more, in addition to weighing yourself down!

Start by asking yourself: 

"What should I stop doing?" 

The first part of the work I do with all the managers, entrepreneurs and creators I support in their expansion is to simplify and "stop the mess" to make room (especially the multipotential ones)! 

Not everything deserves your energy, or your response... 

Generally speaking, you pass a milestone as soon as you manage to refocus your energy and strengths on few things, but do them well.

Sit down, slow down, look at what you're doing in the third person and be honest about what you really should stop doing today. 

The rest will follow; it's the first step towards clarity. 

The key: Stop the unnecessary, refocus on what matters, then process/delegate what is useful but not in your « genius zone » !