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  • How to make yourself psychologically and financially secure in times of crisis (anxiety and fear of lack)

How to make yourself psychologically and financially secure in times of crisis (anxiety and fear of lack)

Fin your flow in the chaos

How can you be financially and psychologically secure in this climate of "crisis", tension and uncertainty?

There are two issues at stake: your energy (your overall state) to remain creative, lucid and not let emotions overwhelm you, and the strategy you adopt (knowing that your emotions dictate your choices).

1- Get out of the posture of lack

I know, it's difficult when you're on a tight schedule, but the climate is anxiety-provoking and you can quickly fall into "desperate" decisions.

Getting out of the lack posture means not getting bogged down in fear. It's human to be afraid, but don't let it dictate all your decisions!

Embrace expansion: be creative in finding solutions, take the high ground, don't rush, "think outside the box" and MOVE FORWARD!

Get rid of the old and obsolete. Don't dwell on the old. In autumn, the leaves fall, we sort things out, we don't get attached :)

And above all: BREATHE! Lack contracts, expansion opens.

I know, it sounds very "spiritual" (it partly is) but it's mainly that even your physiological posture will come into play! So breathe and open up that rib cage! Take up sport if you find it hard to do so, you'll have to ;)

Oxygenate your brain, it needs clarity! Make room, open up!

2- Keep learning

The best response to anxiety is curiosity, as I often say :)

It's about adopting the posture of the perpetual learner, whether it's life experience, failures/successes or simply knowledge that opens other doors.

In this way, you'll be more open to innovation (in reference to the following points).

Yes, I know, you're bound to be suspicious when a "trainer" says that! But I'm not just talking about my training courses, I'm talking about my overall state of mind, because I myself invest a great deal in continuing to train myself, even in what I already "know". Training means listening, reading, discussing with people who know what you don't... Or bring you different angles.

Learning isn't just about accumulating information or filling in the gaps (not the gap posture), it's also about stimulating other perspectives and bringing out new ideas/opportunities.

3- Surround and protect yourself

Energies are low right now, let's face it! People are aggressive, they're afraid, individualism and toxic behavior can quickly spoil us!

Superficiality and volatility have taken the place of depth, respect and loyalty.

If you're in a service business, you're even more likely to be confronted with this: change of mind, missed appointments, increasing demands but decreasing budgets, aggressive customers...

Protect yourself and take a step back! You don't own it!

Create your own little circle of protection, with people you trust and who are close to you, to pull you up by your bootstraps, both personally (the most important thing) and professionally (don't remain isolated).

Set limits and don't tolerate anything that doesn't respect your values.

Your environment will play an important role!

4- Be smart financially

From a pure money point of view, adopt two rules (I won't be able to develop them all here):

  • Stability

  • Long-term

Avoid what's volatile at the moment, and don't chase after miracle methods/investments or axes you don't understand or master. Any investment requires an understanding of the game you're playing!

If you already have investments (stock market, shares, real estate, etc.), take a long-term view and don't react to short-term ups and downs. Likewise, safe-haven investments such as gold, currencies ($ and CHF to some extent).

Do you have a secure job and your company is doing well? Frankly, I'd advise you to hold on to it for the time being, even if you're launching your own business in parallel.

Carpe Diem to a certain extent! The worst advice in the world? This is just me, but if you've got investments, stability and cash to be "safe", take advantage! Travel, invest, buy books, have experiences... We don't know what tomorrow will bring!

Secure the future, but enjoy the present!

Of course, I'm giving this in bulk, it's not financial and investment advice, more cyclical principles for times of crisis. Don't give in to the rhetoric of the "false prophets" of the moment and the promises of quick, easy, effortless money from expatriates in Thailand (it's a cliché but it's true).

If you don't understand what I've just said, start with what I've already shared.

5- Adopt the right strategy

What's the right strategy? I don't know... Every case is different, and I base my advice on experience. Here are the general tips I can give from my own experience...

Innovate, create and keep moving forward, even if it's tiring (while respecting yourself all the same). Don't wait, test, reinvent! As I said at the beginning of the year: this year demands endurance! It's in this kind of difficult phase that some fall and others endure... Here you go!

Get back to basics: customer relations, customer experience, the quality of your offers and what you deliver. It's classic but essential!

Train yourself and your teams: To come full circle, don't rest on your laurels!

High-income skills are important: sales, emotional intelligence, strategic thinking, leadership, communication...

Crises are the time to reinvent yourself (I've been giving talks on this for 3 years now).

And that's it!

I've thrown it all out there, so take what you can get :)

Don't forget the most important thing: Take care of yourself!