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  • How to plan the best year of your life and why you are doing wrong when fixing your goals

How to plan the best year of your life and why you are doing wrong when fixing your goals

How to set goals et plan the best year of your life


Forget New Year's resolutions, most people drop them in February...

Also forget the traditional way of setting your goals, which either puts pressure on you, or leaves you in the limbo of "are these the right goals?" How am I going to do it?"

Everyone wants:

  • Good health

  • To feel good about themselves

  • Abundance

  • Healthy relationships

But when it comes down to it, they give up because too much :

  • Demotivation

  • Pressure

  • Stress

  • Loss of rhythm

Here's how I approach the new years and avoid these pitfalls...

I do this in 5 steps that I simplify here:

  1. Intentions and Vision

  2. Goals

  3. Priorities

  4. Plan

  5. Process

1- Intention & Vision:

I always start by asking myself what's really most important to me this year?

It's usually obvious!

For example, in 2023 it was simply and purely: health & money! I didn't beat around the bush! I invested a lot in 2022, I also lost a lot, and it wasn't great health-wise... so those were my priorities!

Then I set intentions by saying what I'll be proud of at the end of the year.

This allows me to visualize where I'll be at the end of the year! Good news: I had materialized everything by December 2023.

2- Goals

We often set goals at random, which doesn't make them motivating or, on the contrary, creates too much pressure. I start with my vision and approach objectives through my values.

This approach is very powerful, as it allows you to start from your vision and your values!

I list my values and ask myself "how can I activate my values?"


Freedom Value => How to be freer => Cashflow for the free lifestyle I want and type of commitment and activity that make me feel free.

Loyalty Value => How to surround myself with people I can trust => Recruit a team I can totally trust according to certain criteria.

Movement Value => How can I progress and learn more this year => What can I do that I've never done before? What do I want to excel at even more?

As you can see, you start with your values, ask yourself how you can activate them and define increasingly precise objectives.

You can then formulate your goals more specifically:

  • Earn x € per month

  • Achieve x% margin

  • Recruit such and such positions

  • Learn this skill

  • Etc.

3- Priorities

That's all well and good, but where do you start?

Once I've listed the various objectives, I sort them by category:

  • Health

  • Business/Career

  • Relationships (on many levels, from intimate to friends)

  • Personal growth

  • Finances

Then I separate finite goals (which have a result to achieve) and recurring goals (which require constant progress), even if they all have milestones/deadlines.

I also ask myself what's really essential (I don't want to end the year without it) to put them in top priority!

I then put them in order from most important to least important in the first instance (you can compare them one by one if you're struggling to keep the one that always wins) and I rank what's most urgent to least urgent.

4- Planning

From this, I set deadlines (when the objectives will be reached) and develop the plan, dividing by quarter.

I divide my year into 4: Q1 (first quarter), Q2 (2nd), Q3, Q4 (you get the idea).

Then I classify the objectives in each of these quarters. Those that are longer and more regular are integrated into my routines, and I'll come back to that later...

The way I plan is by quarter, every 90 days. I plan the first quarter in detail and outline the subsequent quarters, which I'll take care of afterwards.

Each quarter, I take stock and detail the next, which keeps me flexible. That's the whole method...

5- Process and Systems

This is where everyone misses the most important thing...

We often focus on the result, but not on the entire process that leads to it.

For example:

Result: "I want to generate €10K in sales starting in March".

Process: "X sales of an offer at x€ aimed at Y customers from Z marketing campaigns...".

That's why I think in terms of process and system, i.e. levers to be activated on a regular basis to achieve objectives. Here are some examples:

  • Publish content daily (with an editorial calendar)

  • Monitor ads and refresh them weekly

  • Organize lives with customers

  • Exercise every day

  • Meditate and write 30 minutes a day

  • Organize weekly meetings and monthly individual accountability meetings

These are real-life examples, but the game is in what will get you to your goals. There are several cases:

You know what you have to do: GO!

You don't know what to do: Learn, ask for advice, test and improve (for 90 days).

That's why most people have goals and top performers have systems: training, nutrition, business, tracking, etc.

Understanding this changed my life!

Ask yourself: which system/process/routine will get you closer to your goal!

So :

  1. Visualize your ideal year-end and set your intentions

  2. Set goals

  3. Sort goals by importance and category

  4. Design your plan by quarter

  5. Create the processes, systems and routines to achieve them

This is how I've been doing it for several years now.

I'll tell you more about my 2024 strategy in the next contents…