The 3 best people to delegate to and get more time, clarity and reduce mental load

It's powerful and free !

3 people to whom you don't delegate enough to lighten your mental load and save time (and it's free):

The 'future you': he'll take care of your future problems, just make it easy for him, but don't worry too much about what's uncertain.

The 'unconscious you': give it problems to solve, issues to deal with or intentions, and it'll be very good at dealing with them while you're doing something else or even sleeping.

The ’10X You’ : So you're already complete and in your best version in the present, let's stop this bullshit and pressure... And if you're banking on progressions in your being, skills and attitude for positive expansion/evolution, ask this 'you upgrade in this ideal version' what today's you needs to be and do to create it. 

In short. Delegate to these different versions of yourself - it's free and powerful.