The meaning of feeling overhelmed : Causes and Symptoms



Today, I'd like to talk to you about the big problem I see most often in my clients and followers (and sometimes experience myself): mental workload !

When your mind has trouble calming down, when you're constantly ruminating, when the mere thought of the tasks you have to do is draining your energy… To the point where you can hardly sleep because your brain is so active…

How can you handle it ?

🤯 The signs and causes of mental load

Signs that you're "suffering" from mental load:

Psychological fatigue: Ruminations, dilemmas of choice, lack of focus and concentration… You even tire yourself out!

Fatigue and physical symptoms: In addition to your mind, physical aches and pains appear when you start to think too much, or in busy times (shoulder heaviness, headaches and neck pain, stomach aches…). You often lack energy in the face of everything you have to deal with.

Difficult recovering: Your sleep is restless, you feel like you're working while you sleep, you wake up tired.

Irritability: You're more easily irritated, especially when you're asked to do something when you're already very busy…

Difficulty being in the present: You're easily distracted or preoccupied. Your thoughts ruminate on the past and/or anticipate the future, sometimes with stress or anxiety about that future. You find it hard to just come back to the moment…

If you have more than one of these signs, chances are you're experiencing quite a mental burden!

This mental burden often comes from :

A lack of structure and clarity : you keep everything in your head and have to think of everything, especially the tasks to be accomplished.

Over-control: You find it hard to let go, and your need for control manifests itself in frenetic action and a need to always act or respond without allowing yourself to "settle down" or slow down.

Too much alone: You want to manage everything on your own, you carry everything, without daring to delegate or ask for help.

Unclear: You lack clarity of direction, so you're constantly in "search" or problem-solving mode.

A context, situation or environment: You're going through a period of chaos requiring a lot of personal resources.

But the most important thing is to :

  • Restructure your organization to take the pressure off mentally.

  • Learn to manage your energy better, surround yourself and let go.

  • Adopt a rhythm that includes more recuperation

  • Really set and clarify your priorities and what matters

  • Act more agilely and lightly, and trust the process!