The real cause of procrastination

The truth about procrastination

No need to feel guilty, procrastination is healthy when it's just a passing thing and will be over even at the deadline, it becomes problematic when it's repetitive and the long-term impact (by cumulative effect) is negative for you…

I differentiate "useful" procrastination for creativity, letting your thoughts flow, recuperation and serendipity from toxic procrastination, which takes you away from what matters to you!

Generally speaking, we procrastinate, in most cases, when:

  • We fear failure: being judged, losing, missing out, discomfort.

  • We lack confidence: we don't feel up to the task.

  • We don't know what to do (next step) or where to start.

  • We're afraid to succeed: pressure to perform, spotlight, guilt, imposter syndrome

  • The unknown, change makes us uncomfortable.

  • The task is too tedious or boring in the short term (the price we have to pay).

  • The deeper meaning is unclear (intrinsic motivation)

  • We lack energy to act.

So it's important to understand the cause(s) and use them to readjust the organization, direction and meaning of what's being undertaken.