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  • Why introverts are the most charismatic entrepreneurs and the best at marketing and sales

Why introverts are the most charismatic entrepreneurs and the best at marketing and sales

How to be more charismatic and good at sales and marketing as an introvert

As an introvert, you can excel in sales and marketing, and still be charismatic with your own energy!

And to do that, you need to understand a few things…

You will discover :

  • The strengths and advantages of introverts

  • Tips for introverts at work, in business and social life

  • The big trigger to free yourself to gain influence, charisma, confidence and leadership

We live in a society that values extroversion, success by being someone who talks a lot, takes up space, puts himself forward…

Between 30% and 40% of the population is introvert.

Too many introverts tell themselves they'll never make it!

What's more, you often get remarks like:"You're discreet""You're really shy""Are you bored? You don't talk…"

You end up thinking it's a problem!

If you, as an introvert, are still wondering where you fit in: at work, in business, in relationships…

I'm going to share some tips with you, in the context of work, entrepreneurship and social life…When I was younger, I was so shy that I couldn't talk to strangers, ask for directions or reach out to others.

I stressed whenever I had to go somewhere where I didn't know many people.

After years of working on myself, traveling, gaining experience… I overcame this shyness but kept my introverted personality.

Being introverted isn't a hindrance, it's a way of functioning, and since I've come to terms with it, I feel much better!

I use my introverted strengths and I've developed skills: sales, marketing and communication are all things you can learn!

The strengths of introverts :

Quiet strength!

  • We speak little, but speak when necessary.

  • We're good listeners.

  • We have a strong capacity for empathy, putting ourselves in other people's shoes.

  • We value quality over quantity.

  • We dislike crowds and need our own bubble after lots of social interaction.

  • We like to be alone and enjoy more intimate moments in small groups.

  • We value direct, face-to-face relationships.

Your strengths will manifest themselves as follows:

  • Charisma through posture and composure

  • Leadership through listening and empathy

  • Influence through authenticity and humility

Don't try to be something you're not - develop your assets, your strengths and your communication and leadership skills!

80% of my marketing, sales, management and communication skills come from practice and work… The remaining 20% from surfing my introverted personality.

Introverts at work

You need to be a good listener, empathetic, observant and analytical at work.

Contrary to popular belief, you can be a very good leader or an introverted manager, the energy will just be different.

You just need to assert yourself, set limits and learn the fundamentals of management and communication.

Introverts in entrepreneurship

The same applies to entrepreneurship!

I've never been a salaried employee; I've blossomed in entrepreneurship.

At first I hid behind a blog, then in 2012 I launched my French Youtube channel…

I never imagined that hundreds of thousands of people would follow me through my videos, podcasts, online training courses, conferences…

I didn't set out to create enormous visibility, but rather to create a strong reputation - the nuance is important!

I don't have the personality to speak to the masses, so I have my own small, close-knit community.

Introverts and social life

I prefer a small group of friends, even in business where I have a small team, and that suits me perfectly!

I don't go to "big masses", or if I do, I isolate myself regularly and don't stay in the crowd.

I create links one to one, or in small groups.

I do my utmost to become an opportunity for others who come to me, rather than going to them…

I respect my space and my need to recharge by being alone !

This is my message :

Juste be yourself and use your strenghts ! Being introvert is your personality. Influence, communication and sales are skills you can learn.

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